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Listing Your House in January: Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring

Listing Your House in January: Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring

Listing Your House in January:  Why You Don't Have to Wait Until Spring

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Why is Spring the quintessential time to sell?  Is it because everyone is ready to get out and start exploring?  The flowers are in bloom?  Warm days after a long cold winter? 

In the ever-changing real estate market, there was a time when Spring was the key selling season.  This selling tradition has even carried over to the web based home shopper.  January is when the new home buyer is starting to think about the new year, reflecting on the year behind them and planning for an early spring purchase. 

How do you beat the competition and stand out from the crowd?  Traditionally the warmer months are when the market is saturated with high supply – meaning your home is one of many on the market.  By listing early, you are one of few with a limited supply available for purchase. 

Don’t think about the picture perfect weather as being the only time to list your home.  By waiting for blooms on trees, tulips filling the flower beds with a full array of color and your grass filling in the front yard, you are part of the spring rush.  Winter buyers understand that the exterior is not a full rainbow of color and texture.  They are committed to the process of purchasing. 

According to Andrew Schmeerbauch with Clever, ‘As the national market continues to strengthen, more people are buying and selling homes year-round. This past year saw the U.S. median listing price in January up 7% at $289,300 and nationally, homes sold in January were off the market in 87 days, two days faster than the previous year.’

There are many reasons why selling in the Winter and not waiting until Spring can be beneficial.  Will you look to listing this January?

The savvy shopper is utilizing the internet to shop first, walk through the home via the web.  Buyers are now out 24/7/365.  New home buyers are utilizing one of the many home listing sites to take an online tour.  Bottom line is if they are venturing out into the cold they are interested.  Keep in mind as a seller, it is even more important to have your photos with your listing.  Staging your home and reducing the clutter will show the viewer the best aspects of your home.

Fewer homes on the market in the Winter than in the Spring – less competition.  Motivated sellers will post their homes first, and not wait until early Spring.  Serious sellers will have their homes online and marketing early as to not miss any new home buyers.

Just because it is Winter does not mean you cannot have Curb Appeal.  Keep the sidewalks and drives shoveled if you live in a snowy area, showing a well-maintained home.  Ensuring that your flower beds are neat while in hibernation is still crucial. Allowing the potential buyer to envision the year-round garden, not a nest of gardening maintenance.   


When showing the house on a cold a damp day, it is a great idea to have your home warm and inviting by having the heat turned up for a warm and toasty visit. Everyone feels at home with a toasty warm inviting visit. 

No matter the season, there are several key elements to selling your home.  Listing your home at the right price, working with a knowledgeable agent and understanding your local housing market will enable the process to be quick and smooth. simplifies the Winter Selling process to these 6 steps

  1. Low Inventory = Less Competition
  2. You get to show your homes Winter readiness
  3. New parents are looking to upgrade after the summer baby boom
  4. Winter brings out Serious buyers
  5. Year End financials and bonus pay outs
  6. Corporate Relocation

Terri Williams with indicated ‘…if you decide to sell your home during the winter, experts say you could reap a reward in cold, hard cash.  … selling in the winter can make you a real estate winner.’


It’s a wonderful time to list your home!

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